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 Minnesota State 2019-2020 Team Statistics
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Point Scoring Detail (Individual) GP G A P P/GP G/P P1 P2 P3 OT PP SH ES HM RD NT WS LS TS LD TR EV GW LL GT EN EA DP PS AG FG FG/GP FG/P FT LG LT 1+ 2+ 3+ 4+ 5+
1#19Brittyn Fleming JRF37 61218 0.49.333369050138918823105232000005.135.2781089162000
2#5Anna Wilgren SOD37 61824 0.65.25038130411915901851969571200004.108.1677813156210
3#8Charlotte Akervik FRD35 336 0.17.5003120006330330015130000003.086.50040251000
#20Kelsey King FRF37 61622 0.59.273391004018148015521057541100003.081.136728156100
#16Mariah Gardner JRF37 61016 0.43.375457020148801222565641010003.081.188623124000
#9McKenzie Sederberg SRD37 4913 0.35.3082470508760553373312010003.081.231724112000
#7Claire Butorac SOF37 8412 0.32.66745300210561642444011100003.081.250646120000
8#11Mallorie Iozzo JRF31 134 0.13.2502110004121211112001000002.065.50021140000
#15Sofia Poinar SRF33 268 0.24.2502420116440341242110000002.061.25052462000
#4Emily Antony SRF37 71522 0.59.31818130501713901471985431000002.054.0917410164200
#12Kennedy Bobyck FRF37 268 0.22.2503230008350440332010100002.054.25032571000
12#39Abigail Levy SOG22 011 0.05.0001000100010100001110000001.0451.00011110000
#13Madison Oelkers SOF35 347 0.20.4292320007430232142001000001.029.14343370000
14#77Calla Frank FRG19 000 0.00---0000000000000000000000000.000---00000000
#21Jordan Jackson SRD31 022 0.06.0000110002200020020000000000.000.00011111000
#43Danielle England FRF31 101 0.031.0000010001010010010000000000.000.00000110000
#2Jessica Kondas JRD35 415 0.14.8000140203131032050001000000.000.00023350000
#23Lyndsey Howard FRD35 000 0.00---0000000000000000000000000.000---00000000
#26Tristen Truax JRD37 8412 0.32.6672370408840732660101110000.000.000336102000
#17Brooke Bryant SOF37 448 0.22.5000440215530224161002000000.000.00032262000
Minnesota State Team Totals 37 71118189 5.11.376356589035514910184410262255779532929156300034.919.18078488215033510
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