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2019-2020 Women's College Hockey National Statistics Database

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 National Collegiate Women (All) 2019-2020 Statistics
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Point Scoring Detail (Individual) GP TGP G A P P/GP G/P P1 P2 P3 OT PP SH ES HM RD NT WS LS TS LD TR EV GW LL GT EN EA DP PS PS/GP PS/P AG FG FT LG LT 1+ 2+ 3+ 4+ 5+
1Gabby Billing DAR SOF29 296915 0.52.400663041109602940871210111 0.03.06704915114000
Bridgette Prentiss FPU SRD31 32192645 1.45.4221811160300152718040502561491001331 0.03.0220812892315520
Victoria Grimmer SAC SRF32 327613 0.41.5386421211067011203371300001 0.03.07706922121000
Gillis Frechette COR SOF33 33171330 0.91.56791011040262370291026046303001 0.03.03304458179310
5956 Players Tied With 0
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