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2019-2020 Women's College Hockey National Statistics Database

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 National Collegiate Women (All) 2019-2020 Statistics
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Point Scoring Detail (Individual) GP TGP G A P P/GP G/P P1 P2 P3 OT PP SH ES HM RD NT WS LS TS LD TR EV GW LL GT EN EA DP PS AG FG FT LG LT 1+ 2+ 3+ 4+ 5+ 5+/GP
1Sarah Fillier PRN SOF31 33223557 1.84.38619181911524039144551133618121302000010148122518832.065
Maddie Bishop SAC SRF32 32111930 0.94.36761410082201515027301938550110003527177222.062
Jaycee Gebhard RMU SRF36 36204363 1.75.317212418033426381964612524182189121000132011182922822.056
4Dominique Petrie HAR SOF28 33122335 1.25.3431211111922417180312221212760100008857179531.036
Becca Kniss FPU FRF32 32132033 1.03.39411139090241913127602067320112005768228111.031
Megan Bouveur LIU FRF32 3291221 0.66.4298670401781301560939230000007824135111.031
Codie Cross NOE SRD33 3841216 0.48.25085213112410215101114320000001222112111.030
Lindsay Agnew BC SRF35 367815 0.43.4672102121121221141091553000000442393111.029
Daryl Watts WIS JRF36 36254974 2.06.33824183112225031367664446101810111420001219151632211371.028
Lexi Templeman RMU JRF36 36113344 1.22.2501616120202222613533921910156701110010146102613221.028
Mekenzie Steffen WIS SRD36 3662329 0.81.20711513017111915529001919660000006766187211.028
Sara Hjalmarsson PRV SOF36 36171128 0.78.60781091100181414021611189771000003969185211.028
Elizabeth Giguère CLK JRF37 37372966 1.78.5612127171164463428456462415271719301000192710163419841.027
Alina Mueller NOE SOF38 38273966 1.74.409271523117643263196411357241918010000131911143218961.026
Chloé Aurard NOE SOF38 38212849 1.29.42918151511043517248442333511960100007107112415631.026
Tatum Skaggs OSU JRF38 38172542 1.11.405141214290331619731651591891110100010139142412411.026
Katy Knoll NOE FRF38 38101626 0.68.385116902024131302510140128100100008856175211.026
Natalie Snodgrass CON JRF39 39161733 0.85.4859914161261220126611761088012000461115217311.026
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