Hockey East Fan Loyalty Program FAQs

What is the Fan Loyalty Program?

The Fan Loyalty Program is the Official loyalty and affinity program of Hockey East Association, the pre-eminent NCAA Division 1 college hockey conference. The Club is a formal membership open to fans, supporters and friends of the Hockey East community. There are two levels:

(a) A free tier known as the Insider level

(b) A fee based, subscription tier known as the Premier level?

Are the club benefits limited to hockey or limited to the hockey season?

No, that is the beauty of the club. It is always delivering to you value as the benefits are available year round and as the breadth of benefits constantly expand especially with respect to the everyday lifestyle deals, discounts and savings category which can save club members hundreds of dollars from the over 330,000 local and national merchants. See below. You can enjoy membership benefits year round - wherever and whenever – in hockey season or outside.

Is the Insider tier free?

Yes, joining as an Insider member allows you to be a member of the Hockey East community and an enjoy a limited set of base level benefits that enhance your enjoyment and save you money.

What are the base level benefits of the Insider tier?

You will enjoy an official annual Insider guide, exclusive discount discounts on select upper level seats at the Conference Championships and everyday access to base level of deals, discounts and savings approximating in most cases 10% off of regular price from participating merchants across everyday lifestyle spending categories such as food, dining, travel, cruises, Disney tickets, movies, lodging, automotive and much more.

How do I join as an Insider?

Go to the main hockey east website and click through the join button at the top of the page which take you to the enrollment page

What is the Insider Guide and how can I receive it?

The Insider guide is a digital magazine full of in-depth league, team and player information, rosters, statistics and performance superlatives including a history of all-time tournament results and records.

How do I get to take advantage of the ticket offer as an Insider?

After you register with your user name and password credentials established, simply click thru to the member deal website and click through the ticket offer page which then takes you to the ticket order and credit card processing page.

How will I learn about or receive other Insider benefits?

You will receive regular emails and newsletters as a member of the Fan Loyalty Program that will detail upcoming events, league insights and all the league doings that will be sure to have you enjoy being an official member of the Hockey East community.

Why would I upgrade to the Premier level?

The Premier level provides a much greater value and much higher level of exclusive deals, discounts and savings across more categories. Each membership provides a free Championship Ticket that has a retail value of $33 and deep discounts on loge seats.

The Premier level of everyday deals, discounts & offers are in some instances up to 50% off regular price or 5x higher than the base Insider level. There are also more exclusive benefits in the Premier levels across categories such as contests, meet & greets, and access to high profile events & experience. Finally, the Premier level offers an onlin travel booking engine for hotels and auto rentals that are generally superior to Priceline and Expedia. These benefits and your savings never stop year-round.

What is the cost of the Premier level to get the higher, more valuable benefits and savings?

Seventy-five ($75) per year which includes a free ticket to the Championship tournament which is a retail value of $33 as well as ticket discounts and savings off of retail price on loge seats of $32 per ticket and the ability to save hundreds of dollars on areas of everyday spending. We think it is a no brainer with value of 10-20:1 .

How do I upgrade to the Premier level?

Simply access the member website and upgrade accordingly.

Do I get the Insider level benefits but much more?

Yes, you get all the Insider tier level benefits but much, much more

How do I get the enhanced ticket offer for loge seats ?

Simply become a Premier member and access the member deal web site and click thru the ticket purchase instructions.

How do I get the more robust savings, deals and discounts?

The Premier member deal website is always on 24/7 so just visit as much as you would like, browse through the various categories and start saving hundreds of dollars on your everyday spend. Always look at your deal site before you go spend your money on everyday categories.

What is the cancellation and refund policy for the Premier level?

The Premier membership benefits are immediately accessible including the free ticket and other discounts to high profile events are available and issuable to you throughout the year for your attendance at the event. Accordingly, the Premier membership benefits are of a unique experiential value and as such, membership fees for these type of benefits are non-refundable but your bnefits are always yours to enjoy throughout the term of the membership period.

Are the member schools part of this Hockey East conference loyalty program?

The Commissioner's Club is sponsored by the Hockey East Association, the governing body of Hockey East competition of its member schools. At the present time, the member schools are not participants in the program.

Will the Program benefits grow over time?

Absolutely as the vision for the Program is to be the most relevant and rewarding loyalty program for its avid fans.

How do I reach customer service? What I have one or more other questions, what should I do?

Please reach out to customer service via email at