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Chris Aughe 2nd
Shane Belanger 6th
Tim Benedetto 2nd
Steve Benoit 1st
Denny Bourgoin 5th
Matthew Brady 1st
John Bucko 1st
Jeff Bunyon 1st
Kelly Cooke 1st
Mike Cross 6th
Matt Daigle 12th
Tim Daley 2nd
Dana DiFiore 1st
Andrew DiFusco 6th
Bill Doiron 10th
Paul Driscoll 11th
John Dunn 1st
Thomas Fyrer 1st
Dean Gilbert 12th
Katie Guay 7th
CJ Hanafin 2nd
Bob Hawkes, Jr. 7th
Marty Hughes 3rd
Rob Kelley 3rd
Anthony Kenney 1st
Tim Kerrigan 5th
Mike Komich 11th
Jamie Lalos 2nd
Don Langelier 12th
Chris Leavitt 5th
Jessica Leclerc 4th
Larry Legault 6th
Jeremy Letourneau 4th
Benjamin Lord 2nd
George Major 10th
Jim McKenna 11th
Tom Nichols 4th
Crystalle Parent 2nd
Doug Place 1st
Mike Pleau 8th
Scott Prim 5th
Thomas Quinn 2nd
David Rosoff 1st
Paul Sacco 7th
Rick Santilli 1st
Kevin Shea 2nd
Mike Sheeran 2nd
Patrick Silva 12th
Wayne Silva 12th
Bob Sloper 4th
Adam Staniech 5th
Shawn Sullivan 2nd
Peter Terreri 6th
Robert Tisi, Jr. 8th
Bridget Waitkus 4th
Bob Ward 12th
Jason Williams 1st
Gary Young 9th
Derek Zuckerman 5th
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