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Chris Aughe 16th
Mike Baker 1st
Shane Belanger 9th
Tim Benedetto 25th
Bob Bernard 18th
Brendan Blanchard 7th
Jeff Bunyon 25th
Paul Carnathan 1st
Peter Catalano 2nd
Glenn Cooke 14th
Tom Cronin 10th
Eric Frank 1st
Chris Federico 17th
Tom Fyrer 17th
Ken Gates 1st
Brent Gawlik 2nd
Tommy George 3rd
John Gravallese 32nd
Justin Greene 7th
C.J. Hanafin 5th
Dave Hansen 12th
Scott Hansen 17th
Ryan Hersey 3rd
Marty Hughes 7th
Kevin Keenan 14th
Brendan Kelleher 13th
Jeremy Lewis 2nd
Jeremy Lovett 13th
Tim Low 17th
Curtis Marouelli 1st
Steve McInchak 1st
Chris Millea 13th
Jack Millea 14th
Geoff Miller 3rd
Terrence Murphy 1st
Andy O’Brien 12th
Barry Pochmara 2nd
Tom Quinn 18th
Matt Riegert 10th
Bob Ritchie 9th
Rick Santilli 14th
Paul Scleparis 25th
Jason Shattie 2nd
Kevin Shea 18th
Robbie Shintani 1st
Wayne Silva 10th
Andrew Spinali 2nd
Alex Stagnone 1st
Marc Sullivan 9th
Pat Turcotte 2nd
Cam Voss 2nd
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