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Devon Shore and teammate Kyle Williams were this season's Top Scholar-Athletes
Hockey East is proud to announce 101 student-athletes were named to the league's 2012-13 All-Academic Team in the conferences 29th season of play, which was announced on Tuesday afternoon. Each student-athlete achieved a grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or better in each of the two academic periods during which he was actively competing.

Maine freshmen Devin Shore (Ajax, Ont.) and Kyle Williams (Bowdoinham, Maine) were named the recipient of the league's Top Scholar-Athlete Award with a perfect 4.0 grade point average for the season.

The league also honored six student-athletes that received "Distinguished Scholar" status. Those earning "Distinguished Scholar" status achieved a 3.0 or better in each semester over four varsity seasons. Maine's Mark Nemec (Rouses Point, N.Y.), Vermont's Ben Albertson (Williston, Vt.), Boston College's Brooks Dyroff (Boulder, Col.), Northeastern's Bryan Mountain (Bryn Mawr, Pa.), New Hampshire's Scott Pavelski (Plover, Wis.) and Boston University's Ryan Ruikka (Chelsea, Mich.) were bestowed the prestigious honor.

The Hockey East Association is a 10-team Division I college men's hockey conference founded in 1984 and an eight team Division I women's league which began play in 2002-03. The men's league has won eight NCAA championships in the past 21 years.

2012-13 Hockey East All-Academic Team

Alber, Patch (Boston College, D)
Albertson, Ben (Vermont, F) +
Anthoine, Mark (Maine, F) **
Arnold, Bill (Boston College, F) **

Bahe, Ben (Merrimack, F)
Barone, Brad (Boston College, G)
Behling, Brooks (Providence, F)
Belonger, Ryan (Northeastern, F)
Bly, Rhett (Merrimack, F) **
Brodhag, Brandon (Merrimack, F) **
Brown, Patrick (Boston College, F) ***
Bruneteau, Brett (Vermont, F) **

Camper, Jay (New Hampshire, F) **
Carr, Doug (UMass Lowell, G) ***
Cerretani, Andrew (Maine, F) **
Colantone, Michael (UMass Lowell, F)
Correale, Dan (New Hampshire, F)
Cronin, Matt (Merrimack, D)

DeAngelo, Peter (Massachusetts, F) **
DeCenzo, Anthony (Vermont, F) ***
Doerring, Blake (Vermont, D) **
Dyroff, Brooks (Boston College, F) +

Fallon, Michael (UMass Lowell, F)
Folin, Christian (UMass Lowell, D)
Franzon, Anders (Vermont, D)

Gaudreault, Maxim (New Hampshire, F)
Gordon, Nick (UMass Lowell, F)
Gould, Quinn (Merrimack, F) **
Goumas, Kevin (New Hampshire, F) **

Hardowa, Connor (New Hampshire, D) **
Harvey, Myles (Providence, D) **
Hellebuyck, Connor (UMass Lowell, G)
Heywood, Jordan (Merrimack, D) ***
Hoffman, Brody (Vermont, G)
Holmstrom, Josh (UMass Lowell, F) ***
Hussar, Justin (Merrimack, F)
Hutton, Ben (Maine, D)

Kamrass, Zach (UMass Lowell, D) **
Knodel, Eric (New Hampshire, D)

Leen, Connor (Maine, F) **
Lenz, H.T. (Vermont, F) ***
Lomberg, Ryan (Maine, F)

MacDonald, Collin (New Hampshire, F)
MacLeod, Isaac (Boston College, D) ***
Mansfield, Justin (Merrimack, F/D) **
Marotta, Sam (Merrimack, G) **
McCarthy, Chris (Vermont, F)
McCarthy, Tom (Merrimack, D) ***
McCoy, Derek (UMass Lowell, F)
McMullen, Peter (Boston College, F)
McParland, Steven (Providence, F)
Merchant, Will (Maine, F)
Milner, Parker (Boston College, G)
Moccia, Anthony (Boston University, G)
Montagna, Mike (Vermont, F) **
Mountain, Bryan (Northeastern, G) +
Murphy, Kyle (Providence, F) **

Nemec, Mark (Maine, D) +
Nilsson-Roos, Tobias (Vermont, F) **

O'Connor, Brice (Maine, D) ***
O'Connor, Matt (Boston University, G)
Oskroba, Ben (Northeastern, D) **
Ouellette, Martin (Maine, G)

Paliotta, Michael (Vermont, D)
Pavelski, Scott (New Hampshire, F) +
Pesce, Brett (New Hampshire, D)
Pereira, Michael (Massachusetts, F) **
Pryor, Nick (Maine, D)

Quast, Harry (New Hampshire, D)

Randall, Ryan (New Hampshire, D) **
Regan, Jamie (New Hampshire, G)
Riley, Conor (Maine, F/D)
Robertson, Sean (Merrimack, D)
Ruhwedel, Chad (UMass Lowell, D) ***
Ruikka, Ryan (Boston University, D) + (5)

Scotti, Vinny (Merrimack, F)
Shea, Colin (Massachusetts, D)
Shamanski, Steven (Providence, D) ***
Shemansky, Adam (Maine, F) **
Shore, Devin (Maine, F)
(Hockey East Top Scholar-Athlete) 4.00

Silengo, Jeff (New Hampshire, F) **
Sit, Michael (Boston College, F) **
Smith, Kyle (New Hampshire, F)
Stack, Evan (Massachusetts, F)
Sullivan, Dan (Maine, G) ***
Swavely, Jon (Maine, F) ***
Swavely, Steven (Maine, F)

Teglia, Jeff (Massachusetts, G) ***
Tiefenwerth, K.J. (Massachusetts, F)
Thompson, Shayne (UMass Lowell, F) ***
Turk, Jonathan (Vermont, F)

van Riemsdyk, Trevor (New Hampshire, D) **
Vrolyk, Robbie (Northeastern, F) **

Walls, Caylen (Vermont, D)
Wells, Dylan (Providence, G)
Wetmore, Riley (UMass Lowell, F)
White, Matt (Vermont, F)
Williams, Kyle (Maine, D) 4.00
(Hockey East Top Scholar-Athlete)

Wills, Mike (Merrimack, D)
Wright, Colin (UMass Lowell, D) **

Yevenko, Oleg (Massachusetts, D) **

** (denotes two-time honoree)
*** (denotes three-time honoree)
+ (denotes "Distinguished Scholar, 3.0 GPA in each semester over four varsity seasons)

2012-13 Hockey East Academic All-Star Team
(Top GPA by Position)
G: Anthony Moccia, Boston University (3.81)
D: Kyle Williams, Maine (4.00)
D: Ryan Ruikka, Boston University (3.95)
F: Ben Albertson, Vermont (3.94)
F: Brett Bruneteau, Vermont (3.94)
F: Evan Stack, Massachusetts (3.97)
F: Devin Shore, Maine (4.00)

Top Scholar-Athletes
(Highest GPA over the course of a season)
Season Player GPA
1991-92 Quentin Fendelet (MC) 3.84
1992-93 Quentin Fendelet (MC) 3.81
1993-94 Quentin Fendelet (MC) 3.88
1994-95 Ryan Sandholm (UML) 3.76
1995-96 Tomas Persson (NU) 3.92
1996-97 Shawn Ferullo (BU) 3.91
1997-98 Sean MacDonald (NU) 3.95
1998-99 Sean MacDonald (NU) 3.92
1999-00 Dmitri Vasiliev (UMA) 4.00
2000-01 Gray Shaneberger (ME) 3.82
2001-02 Lucas Smith (MC) 3.95
2002-03 David Breen (MC) 3.91
2003-04 Frank Doyle (ME) 3.86
2004-05 Ryan Sullivan (MC) 3.97
2005-06 Ryan Sullivan (MC) 3.95
  Brad Flaishans (UNH) 3.95
2006-07 Ryan Sullivan (MC) 4.00
  Andrew Braithwaite (MC) 4.00
2007-08 Brad Flaishans (UNH) 4.00
  Chris Hahn (Maine) 4.00
  Frank Stegnar (UML) 4.00
2008-09 Andrew Braithwaite (MC) 4.00
  Frank Stegnar (UML) 4.00
2009-10 Andrew Braithwaite (MC) 4.00
2010-11 Jeff Dimmen (Maine) 4.00
  Dan Sullivan (Maine) 4.00
2011-12 Andy Balysky (PC) 4.00
  Ryan Flanigan (MC) 4.00
  Mike McLaughlin (NU) 4.00
2012-13 Devon Shore (ME) 4.00
  Kyle Williams (ME) 4.00

Distinguished Scholars
(Four seasons on the All-Academic team)
Player School Years
Ben Albertson UVM 2010-13
Andy Balysky PC 2009-12
Michael Barkley ME 1989-92
Rob Beck MC 1994-97
Marc Beran BC 1990-93
Andrew Braithwaite MC 2007-10
Craig Brown  UML 1997-00
Josh Burrows UVM 2008-11
David Busch UNH 1999-02
John Campbell  UML 1997-00
Scott Campbell  UML 2008-11
Denis Chisholm  NU 2006-09
Mark Cornforth  MC 1992-95
Greg Costa NU 2007-10
Scott Crowder UMA 2006-09
Jason DeLuca NU 2008-11
Jeff Dimmen ME 2008-11
Brooks Dyroff BC 2010-13
Ben Eaves BC 2001-04
Arik Engbrecht NU 1998-02
Quentin Fendelet  MC 1991-94
Ryan Flanigan MC 2009-12
Cole Gendreau  PC 1998-01
Matt Germain  PC 2008-11
Brad Flaishans  UNH 2005-08
Thomas Fortney  UNH 2006-09
Joe Gray  MC 1998-01
Dave Gunderson  PC 1997-00
Chris Hahn ME 2006-09
Jeremy Hall UML 2004-07
Derek Herlofsky  BU 1992-95
Tanner House ME 2008-11
Todd Jackson ME 2001-04
Tom Johnson  MC 1994-97
Mark Kane  PC 1996-99
Martin Kariya ME 2000-03
Casey Kesselring  MC 1995-98
Brad Klyn  NU 1994-97
Mike Kostka  UMA 2005-08
Jason Krog  UNH 1996-99
Sebastien Laplante  NU 1990-93
Martin Laroche  MC 1995-98
Kyle Laughlin PC 2006-09
Michael Lecomte UMA 2008-11
Michel Léveillé ME 2004-07
Matt Libby  PC 1998-01
Craig Lindsay  UML 1994-97
Mike Lundin ME 2004-07
Sean MacDonald  NU 1998-01
Kyle MacKinnon  PC 2008-11
Greg Manz  UNH 2008-11
Matt Marshall   UVM 2009-12
Mike McLaughlin  NU 2009-12
Nate Meyers   PC 2003-06
Nick Monroe UML 2006-09
Aaron Moore NU 2004-07
Bryan Mountain NU 2010-13
Jared Mudryk   NU 2002-05
Mark Nemec ME 2010-13
Martin Nolet UMA 2007-10
Chad Onufrechuk UNH 1996-99
Scott Pavelski UNH 2010-13
Tomas Persson  NU 1993-96
Kris Porter  MC 1996-99
Guy Ragault  MC 1990-93
Travis Ramsey  ME 2005-08
Rob Rassey  NU 2006-09
Kenny Rausch  BU 1992-95
Bobby Robins   UML 2003-06
J.C. Robitaille MC 2007-10
Mark Roebothan  UML 2006-09
Dan Ronan  BU 1996-99
Ryan Ruikka BU 2009-13
Gray Shaneberger BC 2000-03
Brent Shepheard ME 2004-07
Dan Shermerhorn  ME 1994-97
Ben Smith BC 2007-10
Lucas Smith MC 2000-03
Toni Söderholm UMA 1999-02
Ryan Sullivan MC 2004-07
Michael Taylor  NU 1991-94
Jason Tejchma UML 2004-07
Alan Thompson  UNH 2006-09
Peter Trovato   UMA 2002-05
Eric Turgeon  ME 1998-01
A.J. Walker BC 2000-03
Brett Watson UMA 2007-10
John Wessbecker UMA 2006-09
Paul Worthington UML 2007-10

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